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Expansion Joint Filler Boards

Our company has managed to name itself in the market for the manufacture and export of an excellent range of Expansion Joint Filler Boards which are manufactured using a high quality raw materials and the best technology available in the mar

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Expansion Joint Filler Boards
Construction & Industry
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Low water adsorption below 20%
Thickness Range
10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm

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  • Imperial expansion filler panels are designed for filling expansion joints between reinforced concrete slabs at designated intervals and at intersections with other constructions in roads, platforms, runways, Dams, bridges and buildings, etc. To relive the compressive stress that develops due to the expansion of concrete structures. Imperial expansion pad filling panels consist of a soft fiber board impregnated with bituminous materials to make it durable and waterproof. This also prevents intrusion of foreign matter into the joint space that would prevent the joint from functioning.


    1) External wall cladding: Structural structural filling separated junction block and concrete structures

    2) Circulation Surfaces: Filling of expansion joints in roads, trails, pedestrian areas, bridges, etc.

    3) Roofs and floor finishes: I process the filling of expansion joints in concrete floors.

    4) Build super structures: Fill expansion joints in basements, retain wag, site slabs, subways and other waters, excluding structures.

    5) Reinforced concrete structures: int-expansion loads in piers and lateral supports such as pillars.

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